Murals and interior decoration

A mural (in Spanish mural, murales plural, often used in Italian) is a painting made on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface masonry. The term also indicates the kind of painting, and has become famous for the Mexican art movement known as mural painting. The mural can be achieved with various techniques, I propose to airbrush.

The murals should not be confused with graffiti writing. The latter, as the term implies, are born from written, the murals painted on the other hand indicates the varied nature walls, and is a complete form of painting, pure art.

I realize wall decorations for indoors or outdoors, on wooden panels, drywall, floors, attics and decorative objects, commercial and private premises with airbrush painting technique.

The price of the work varies, but the change is due to the richness of design to achieve. It will be a small increase in the case in which the wall or object to be decorated requires stripping or grouting.

With my own craftsmanship of the interior decorator, I make reality the ideas of the customer: If you have an idea to be realized, please contact me!

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