About me


FIRST NAME: Francesco

LAST NAME: Ranauda

DATE OF BIRTH: 20/11/1981

CITY: Eboli (SA)



Born into a family of humble walks of life, who taught me the sane moral principles of life, and it was able to convey the love for beauty. I live in a small town of Southern Italy, torn between the sea and the mountains, which has helped to shape my solar and whimsical side.

Since childhood I have always preferred, to the usual games, colors and paper, drawing and coloring everything that happened to shoot.

I attended the Art School Carlo Levi at Eboli (SA), graduating in 2002, participating in various courses, but never stop playing my favorite game, and that’s where I learned the color roots and the foundation of the design, and I have always looked for new emotions, shades and light.

I attended a training course for airbrush at the AIRBRUSHING SCHOOL of prof. Sebastiano Muzio, in the seat of Marina Di Massa (MS) in 2008, and that’s where I met the airbrush and I learned to use it: it is a tool that I love, because it allows me to do what I want without touching the surface.

To spray the color employing it on canvas, helmets, cars, motorcycles, trucks, walls, iron, plastic, people, it only has a limit, the fantasy, but this is my favorite game